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First World Flight is available as a Silk Hard Cover, and Kindle edition here.

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Get into your leather flying suit, put on your white scarf, flying helmet and goggles and climb into the open cockpit of your biplane. Fasten your seat belt, rev up your engine and takeoff into the greatest aviation adventure of all time!

3 years before Lindbergh's flight to Paris, the U.S. Army joined the race to be the first to fly around the world.

Many countries had tried. All had failed. Most pilots had died.

Could the United States capture aviation's greatest prize?

498 Pages with 100+ Vintage Photographs

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The U.S. National Defense University in Washington, D.C. celebrated their 80th Anniversary with a "Campaign for Transformation" of our Military to meet the needs of the 21st Century. General Billy Mitchell is recognized as the most transformational military officer ever by proving aircraft could sink even the largest ships, and wreak devastating destruction on any enemy. Mitchell led the transformation of a calvary trained Army into an effective Air Force and accurately predicted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 17 years in advance. Spencer Lane's lecture on Mitchell at the NDU's 80th Anniversary was recorded by C-Span and can be viewed here.

The History Channel brings to television Spencer Lane's Award-Winning book, "FIRST WORLD FLIGHT - The Odyssey of Billy Mitchell" as a Major 90 Minute International Presentation in Prime Time.

The Program titled, "First Flight Around The World" is described on the History Channel Website as follows:

"Strap yourself into the cockpit and fly along with daring U.S. airmen as they attempt the impossible and change the course of aviation history. Today, few know about the first flight around the world or the men that flew it, though it remains one of aviation's most important milestones. Three years before Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, eight U.S. aviators boarded four Douglas World Cruisers in a race with five other countries to complete the first flight around-the-world-flight. It was an odyssey that ended 175 days later when two U.S. biplanes and four crewmen became the first to circumnavigate Earth by air. Join us as we chroniclae the amazing adventure through the pilots' firsthand accounts, reenactments using similar planes, archival footage, and 3D graphics."

"FIRST WORLD FLIGHT" has won numerous book awards including being chosen as "Best Non-Fiction" and "Best Biography" by several major publishing organizations. C-Span "Book TV" aired the authors lecture at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. over several weekends.

First World Flight
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