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Benjamin Franklin Award - "BEST BIOGRAPHY"

Bill Fisher Award - "BEST NON-FICTION"

"Two of the most fascinating stories in the history of American aviation are intertwined. Both are little known. One, the first flight around the world, is a gripping story of incredible courage, determination and endurance. It is a significant part of our aviation history that few Americans know about.

The second is the story of Gen. Billy Mitchell, a World War I flying hero and arguably the most far-sighted officer ever to serve in the U.S. armed forces.

Spencer Lane...has spent 15 years researching both stories and has written a book not only rich in aviation history, but riveting in its account of both stories, one more incredible than the other, and in how they are inseperably joined.

His book, "First World Flight, The Odyssey of Billy Mitchell" is the first detailed account of the first flight around the world...

Lane's "First World Flight" is a marvelous account of two significant events in U.S. military history, an engrossing and suspenseful telling of what was perhaps the the most extraordinary flight in aviation history, and a revealing insight into the effects bureacracy and politically correctness can have on the nation's preparedness.

It is an absorbing work that will stay with you long after you put the book down."
-- The Sunday Star Ledger - New Jersey's largest newspaper,

"The most memorable aviation book I have read in my 38 years of reviewing aviation books"
-- Jack Elliott, syndicated aviation reviewer

"First World Flight" draws you in to the point of where you'll be staying up late to finish it (as I did)... A page turner, fascinating glimpse into another era of flight and military ethos. Great pictures!... I couldn't put it down."

It�s easy enough to recount the exploits of heroes, but Spencer Lane has accomplished a far more difficult feat. He has made his hero come alive for the reader�alive in all the complexity of the hero�s character and the challenges, both brutal and subtle, that were thrown against him...This is an exciting and inspiring story.
-- Phil Boyer, President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Spencer Lane has written a book that tells far more about our country�s historic challenges than just the first world flight. It should be required reading for all high school and college students as well as all others who would then realize there is far more to the making of a great country than just the technical challenges of aviation milestones.
-- Paul H. Poberezny, Founder And Chairman Of The Board, Experimental Aircraft Association, (EAA)

The incredible story of Billy Mitchell's First World Flight proves once again that truth can be stranger than fiction. This is a page-turner.
-- Dr. John McCollister, President, American Writer's Institute

"An incredible and exciting read... Highly recommended"
-- Midwest Book Review

"A First Class Piece of History - PICK OF THE MONTH"
-- Bookviews

"Featured Book"
-- "Bookwatch" (WYOU-TV)

"Five Star Rating"

What a story! I couldn't put this book down!
-- Dr. I William Lane, author, "Sharks Don't Get Cancer"

This incredible adventure is a symbol of American "can-do" ingenuity at its best.
-- Marc Mosier, President, European American Aviation Corporation

Author Biography
Historian Spencer Lane has flown 10,000 hours over much of the world in aircraft ranging from biplanes to jets and holds Airline Transport and Commercial Pilot Licenses. He made the first recorded unrefueled turboprop crossing of the U.S. and set new transcontinental speed records in single and multi-engine aircraft. He participates in international air races and rallies and is an active member of AOPA, EAA, and the NAA.

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